DOBRA ŒLJAXOC'KA (Dobra Szlachecka), povit Dobromyl'


Historical Data: Biræanskyj Deanery, then Dynivs'kyj Deanery after World War I. The wooden church (Circumcision) was built in 1879, replacing an older wooden church (St. Nicholas) which existed at least as early as 1828 and was visited in 1836 by Bishop Snihurs'kyj. It is now being used by Latin rite Catholics.
The village was founded 1402. In 1828 it was independent parish, then from 1830 until 1866 it was a filial church of Uljuæ. In 1866 it became an independent church again.
next to the church is a large bell tower of architectural interest, dating from the 17th century, and in the village there is a roadside shrine.
Tha parish was incorporated into the Administration of LemkivϾyna in 1934.

Administartors of the chapel

Josyf Vyœovs'kyj 1866-1870+
Kornylij Ferencevyæ 1870-1873
Syl'vester Kopyscjans'kyj 1873-1879
Myxajlo Mudrak 1879-1886


Stefan Hronzevyæ 1828
Myxajlo Mudrak 1886-1887
Volodymyr Xomyc'kyj 1887-1888 adm.
Illja Oleksyn 1888-1897
Josyf Œandrovs'kyj 1897-1899 adm.
Illja Makovej 1899-1900 adm.
Illja Makovej 1900-19003
Konstantn Poljans'kyj 1903-1905 adm.
Konstantyn Polyans'kyj 1905-1911
Petro Galjanka 1911-1913 ad.
Mykola Sikora 1913-1918
Ivan Hajdukevyæ 1918-1924 adm.
Ivan Hajdukevyæ 1924- 1946

Number of Ukrainian Catholics

1840 See: Uljuæ
1859 See Uljuc
1879: 1,136
1899: 1, 497
1926: 2, 215
1936: 1, 712

In 1785 there were 21.68 sq. km, 540 Ukrainian Catholics, 65 Latin rite Catholics and 27 Jews in the area.
In 1938 there were 190 Latin Catholics and 60 Jews in the area.